What we treat:

In our practice, we can provide solutions for your child or yourself for many oral and facial problems - from infancy to old age. In time, long before all permanent teeth have erupted and as long as bones heal after a fracture we can usually still move your teeth.

Crowded teeth can be a problem when brushing, so there is an increased risk of periodontitis and/or caries. The aesthetic component should not be forgotten either. Incidentally, the orthodontist is one of the few specialists you can see WITHOUT a referral

In summary, we offer treatments for the following:

  • Misaligned teeth and jaw for children, adults, and the elderly
  • Pre-treatment for dental prostheses
  • Problems concerning the temporomandibular joints, face and neck pain, tinnitus
  • Sleep apnea and snoring problems
  • Syndrome patients, such as cleft lip, cleft jaw, cleft palate patients
  • If combined orthodontic treatment and oral surgery are necessary

Reasons for orthodontic treatments

The primary goal of therapy is to maintain an optimally functioning dentition with all its teeth. In other words, to be able to bite better.

And what works well also looks good. A beautiful smile is easier to clean and what is easier to clean also lasts longer. Likewise, the risk of functional problems such as temporomandibular joint clicking and other associated problems in the head and neck area can be reduced or avoided. The sooner malfunctions such as mouth breathing, lisping and thumb sucking are diagnosed, the easier it is to prevent resulting tooth and jaw misalignments. That is why one of our focuses is on taking the whole body into account. Because there is still a lot of human being attached to a tooth.

For these reasons, it can be helpful to think about and take care of this in time. Simple measures can often be taken, such as logopedic therapy, which can help the patient avoid orthodontic treatment.

Treatment methods

Removable retainers

Removable Retainers

  • well-accepted by patients
  • easy to clean
  • lower risk for caries



  • can be adjusted individually
  • wide application spectrum
  • higher risk for caries

Invisible aligner

Invisible aligner

  • Invisalign
  • very well-accepted by patients
  • very wide application spectrum
  • lowest risk for caries
  • best aesthetics
  • previous 3-D simulation


There are more than twenty free parking spaces available behind our practice.

Business hours

Gregor Stephan will be available for treatments and questions during the times displayed in the online schedule below.

Please schedule an appointment so that we can make your first visit as smooth as possible.

Please call: +49 9661 4724

Hours of Operation


  • 8.00 AM – 12.30 AM
  • 1.00 PM – 5.30 PM


  • 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM


  • 8.00 AM – 12.30 AM
  • 1.00 PM – 6.00 PM


  • 8.00 AM – 12.30 AM
  • 1.00 PM – 5.30 PM

Phone hours may vary from this


Here you do find us

Dieselstraße 28
92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg

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