How to find the right medical for me in Germany?

Patients need to choose the doctor who is right for them!

In order to make the right choice, you should inform yourself about the doctor’s occupational skills before any treatments. You should also put an emphasis on your doctor exclusively offering orthodontic treatments.

Medical specialists for orthodontics

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Orthodontists will have typically worked as a dentist after successfully completing dental school. They then will have specialised in the field of orthodontics. This requires three years of full-time, advanced training in orthodontics. This advanced vocational training is done both in a medical practice for orthodontics and the orthodontic department of a university medical center. In order to receive a degree for the advanced training, dentists have to pass a specialized board certification examination in orthodontics. No one may call himself/herself an orthodontist without being board certified in this specialized field.

Dentist, MSc. Orthodontics

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Any dentist may pursue a master’s degree (MSc.) in orthodontics. This happens on a part-time basis. Graduates of these masters programs do not study orthodontics full-time. Likewise, they are not required to do a one-year residency at a university medical center. Therefore, a person holding this type of degree has gained less practical experience than someone who has passed a three-year training to become a medical specialist in orthodontics.

A master’s degree in orthodontics is awarded by accredited universities and colleges. These programs usually take about nine weeks to complete. The students are required to enroll in ten, forty-minute classes. The entire program takes less than 5 semesters. Compared to the three-year, full-time training for a specialized orthodontist, the programs for a master’s degree in orthodontics are much shorter.

Certified medical specialists in orthodontics and holders of a master’s degree in orthodontics (Msc.) often work together in one medical practice.

Dentist with a special focus in orthodontics

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There is no extra degree required for dentists who merely have a special interest in orthodontics.


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